Allegro® Gel Kneepads

Allegro Gel Kneepads Gel Knee Pad

Item Code: 037-6986-GEL

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/EA)

Allegro® Welding Knee Pads

Allegro Welding Knee Pads Leather Welding Knee Pads W/cap

Non-marking knee cap increases protection

Soft cushioning ensures comfort

Tough heat-resistant leather that wraps over the top and down the back of the pad offers maximum protection from flying sparks

Item Code: 037-6991-01Q

Pack/UOM: PR (1PR/PR)

Allegro® Deluxe Soft Knee Pads

Allegro Deluxe Soft Knee Pads Deluxe Soft Knee Pads (blue)

It is perfect for jobs where protecting the work surface is a primary concern

Designed with a tough water-resistant cover and no kneecaps

An extra wide foam pad makes this knee pad the most comfortable in the industry

Item Code: 037-6998

Pack/UOM: PR (1PR/PR)

Allegro® Value Plus Knee Pads

Allegro Value Plus Knee Pads Economy Knee Pads

Tough polyester fabric exterior prote

The most cost effective knee pad in dirty, dusty environments

The cap is stitched on for greater strength and won’t allow articles underneath to cause discomfort

Comes with two fully adjustable straps for a custom fit

Item Code: 037-6999

Pack/UOM: PR (1PR/PR)

Allegro® Contour Knee Pads

Allegro Contour Knee Pads Rubber & Specialty Kneepads

The contoured shape allows the straps to be worn more loosely for greater comfort

Designed to allow easy side to side movement on hard surfaces and can be used in wet environments

Item Code: 037-7100

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/EA)

Allegro® Maxknees

Allegro Maxknees Maxknee Pads

Perfect for kneeling on rough abrasive surfaces: Excellent for any application that demands maximum performance

Designed with a hard poly cap that resists abrasion and works with an extra long pad for optimum comfort

Item Code: 037-7102

Pack/UOM: PR (1PR/CS)

Allegro Maxgel Knee Pads Maxgel

Perfect for kneeling on rough abrasive surfaces, these pads are excellent for any application that demands max

Silica gel pad insert for added comfort

Designed with a hard poly cap that resists abrasion and works with an extra long pad for optimum comfort

Item Code: 037-7102-GEL

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/EA)

Allegro® Flexknees

Allegro Flexknees Flexknee Pads

The wraparound cap design allows maximum flexibility while maintaining a secure fit

Excellent for non-slip, hard surface work environments

Designed with lightweight pads capped by large abrasion-resistant rubber caps for long-lasting wear

Item Code: 037-7103

Pack/UOM: PR (1PR/CS)

Allegro® Non-Marking FlexKnee Pads

Allegro Non-marking Flexknee Pads Non-marking Flex Knee Pads

Allow workers to move around the work area without marking or damaging a delicate surface such as tiling

Item Code: 037-7103-01

Pack/UOM: PR (1PR/PR)

Deluxe Elbow Pads

Allegro Deluxe Elbow Pads

Fully adjustable closures along with elastic sleeves provide comfortable, custom fit

Foam backing for added comfort

Offer a strong support and features abrasion-resistant flexible caps

Item Code: 037-7104

Pack/UOM: PR (1PR/CS)

Allegro® Softknees

Allegro Softknees Soft Knee One Size Fitsall

Easy to wear over or under trousers, they are lightweight and durable

They slip on and off quickly without straps or buckle attachments

A tough blend of cloth and EVA foam make these pads extra comfortable and easy to wear in non-abrasive environments

Item Code: 037-7105

Pack/UOM: PR (1PR/CS)

Allegro® Flexrist®

Allegro Flexrist Flexrist Wrist Support Xl

Item Code: 037-7111-02

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/CS)

Allegro® Flexback®

Allegro Flexback Medium Flexbak Back Support

Item Code: 037-7115-02

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/CS)

Allegro® Flexback®

Allegro Flexback Large Flexbak Back Support

Item Code: 037-7115-03

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/CS)

Allegro® Liftbak Back Supports

Allegro Liftbak Back Supports Medium Liftbak Back Support Black

Its rugged

Holds securely yet allows easy adjustment

Brushed lining and soft edges add to comfort and a wide 2" nylon strap provides additional support to the waterproof foam core

A rugged 5" belt with rigid foam that forms to the body for maximum support

Item Code: 037-7130-02

Pack/UOM: EA (1EA/EA)